Fruit LoopsActivity:-

My daughter loves fruit loops, She  calls them colors. This was the first food she had when she landed in US.  I wanted to make her busy in some activity apart from watching tv.  That is when I got this interesting and colourful idea of using her favorite food creatively to be a part of toddler activity.  This is a simple indoor activity for kids made of items readily available at home. This will keep kids busy as well as develop  their  fine motor skills .

Supplies Required:-

  • Thermocol piece
  • Lots of colourful fruit loops
  • Spaghetti 2 number


  • Break the spaghetti into two equal halves, in this way there will be four spaghetti ‘s .
  • Insert the spaghetti into the thermocol randomly
  • Ask the kid to insert the froot loops onto the spaghetti one after the other.

What do kids learn through this activity:- 

  • It’s improves their fine motor skills as it involves hand eye coordination.
  • It helps them identify colors
  • It helps them count numbers while inserting fruit loops onto the spaghetti.

Originally posted in Worldofmoms

23 thoughts on “Fruit LoopsActivity:-

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  2. I am amazed that though your daughter likes fruit loops so much still she did not attempt to eat those and did the activity obediently. My son would have taken that katori of fruit loops away and eaten it all. And the fate of the activity?


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