Husband wife jokes..


DIY Birthday card for her dad..

Long time back I made this birthday card to my hubby on behalf of my 1 year old daughter . Supplies u need.. Any colored cardboard – I used printed saree box Scissors Construction paper Sketches Glue Procedure 1. Mark your daughters hand on rough paper carefully n cut the marking.. 2 now cut 2…


Don’t give up..try try until u succeed . Nothing is impossible in this world… The way you look at it makes a difference.. Be thankful to each and every challenge you face in your life as they make you more stronger n confident ahead..

diy chalk board frame

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This one did for my friend’s( shilpa) daughter ( shresta) akshrabhasyam. Aksharabhyasam is a hindu tradition. kids start their first letters write in front of goddess saraswathi in temple where they will do pooja. Supplies you need Scissors double tape Design tape( optional) Unused box Chalkboard paint( i used black)…

Vanishing Snow!!!

As it was our first winter I was very much excited about the snowfall in winter and stuff… Being in a Windy City n hearing about last year stories regarding the worst winter scared me a bit.. Heard that last year the winter started much early n it started snowing by November .. Due to…

Those 10 beautiful NEW YEARS..!!

I never thought about organizing events before all these years..though it was not on the professional front but on a personal level. It all started 15 years back… Yes 15 long years when I was just 15,one of my friend Kiran suggested we do something for new year, it was 31st December 5:00 in the…

The underwater life..worth experiencing.

Entered in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge β€œMotionβ€œ.) The underwater life is so scenic ,it’s an amazing experience being in motion with the sea world. Colourful creatures busy in there own world here,nothing to do with the visitors who come to see them. scuba diving @ Maldives… Lifetime experience… Amazing world inside..

Miss you Numaish..

Numaish Masnuaat-e-Mulki or Numaish also known as Exhibition is an annual consumer exhibition held in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.. It was started in 1938 by a group of graduates of Osmania University to showcase local products. As the new year approaches I always look forward for this fair which opens on January 1st every year.It become…