Kids English Vinglish

  • The other day I went my friend ‘s place , my friends son who was 2 years old came with a chocolate near me and was trying to say something in a low tone. 

           He said “aunty can u ope thes” 

            I was blank for a second, as i dint understand a bit , 

            but later when I    asked him I understood.

          He was asking me ” aunty can you open this” . 

        It was so nice to see him speaking in th English πŸ˜„β˜ΊοΈ

  •  If I try to take away anything from my daughter 

           She says ” Don’t touchi e thise ich “.

          In her own English she was saying ” don’t touch this “. πŸ˜‰

  • Few weeks back we went to library , she was as usual during some art sitting at a table. There was one girl almost of her age too sitting there doing her coloring. My daughter picked up one color and started asking her.

           “Wat colur thes ?”

          She asked again ” Wat colur thess “

        The cute one who was sitting besides her did not understand anything     ,and was just looking at my daughter and the crayon.

        My daughter started replying in her native language

        “Nenu Niku okati aduguthunna , wat colur thess”( translation in    English :- “I am asking you something , what color is this .”?)

      Looking at the whole scene we were just controlling our laughter . It was such a cute as well as a funny conversation between two innocent kids.
During the toddler years the kids try to adapt to new languages which are spoken more often at home . They try to imitate and pick up words here n there and use them in their daily life. Now my kid and her age friends are going through this phase as their are trying to speak in English .

They all look so cute talking broken English with others ,which cannot be understood as they are not able to pronounce it correctly. Only moms understand what their kids are trying to say and interpret it. This is one of the best phases of motherhood where we can see the kids growing at the same time enjoy their cute innocent talks.

20 thoughts on “Kids English Vinglish

  1. That is the cutest age. Thanks for sharing. My granddaughter is now at the question phase. She is asking everything but my favorite of her saying is I think it in my brain.

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  2. My nephew is the same – his mother speaks Norweigan and he lives in Australia – I can never understand him as he flips between the languages, but my sister in law always knows exactly what he is saying πŸ™‚ Very cute

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  3. I can totally relate with this. I have a 3 year old son. He always does that , ” I am kitchening”, ” I am foonk- ing (blowing) the candles” meaning ” (dropping by from blog sisterhood)

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  4. That is so cute!
    My son says ‘mama oke da door’ – Mama open the door. The first thing he said was ‘car’ ! (he loves his cars) It is such a lovely phase in life. It’s also such fun to see them try to make a conversation!

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  5. I love this. It reminds me though of when I was learning Chinese. My classmates and I would mix the languages – slotting in English when we couldn’t find/didn’t know the Chinese word. We must have sounded a bit like toddlers!!

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  6. That’s adorable! So many toddlers make up their own versions of the language they speak, and I love that it made the most sense to your daughter to combine the two. A friend of mine is raising her children bilingual, English and her native German, and the mixing happens there, too. Love the way little ones communicate!

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  7. Hai Shilpa,

    You are correct … My son also talked this way when he was a toddler. Our mother tongue is Tamil. My son’s own dictionary goes as …

    English Mithu

    Cycle Thakkathe
    Sandals Brukkathe
    Water Gia
    Aachi Athtaa

    and the list grows ….

    as you said only mothers can understand this alien language …. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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