Truly Hyderabad 

Hyderabad is  a place where …

  •   You  find people of mixed culture speaking in the Telangana slang
  •   More often  you end up listening to words like Kaiku ,apunko, nakko, boletho..


  • New Year starts with the famous Numaish ..
  • Where traffic is at peaks but still foot boarding is fun…


  • The only boating a child of 90’s knew was at Indira park.
  • And an evening family walk till date on Tank bund is a stress buster .


  • Whether it’s ramzaan Christmas or bonalu ,
  • Hyderabad city lights up.



  • With shopping at the busy streets of sultan Bazar where bargaining is an art.
  • This is not complete with a visit to the famous Gokul chaat

for a mouthwatering snack treat.

  • Indulging in  Haleem and Hyderabadi biryani..
  • Evenings Irani chai and the osmania biscuits..
  • Ending the supper with double  ka  meeta ,kurbaani ka meeta .

  • By  traveling   in the autorikshaw accross the old city lanes can see Hyderabad inside out which  in turn completes   my city by me.

           Miss you Hyderabad!!

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22 thoughts on “Truly Hyderabad 

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  2. I have been there once and Hyderabda is truly charming with the awesome food and markets 🙂 My fav was Husaain Sagar lake and Birla temple 🙂 But with an auto, it’s fun to travel and do sight seeing 😀

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