Guest Post:-Pain Ends

This is a guest post from my blogger friend Vasantha telling us her painful moments of her  life. She dint loose hope when she was facing difficulties in her life..Thank you Vasantha for sharing us your story to inspire others.

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Over to Vasantha..

                                                                                           Pain Ends ….

I am Vasantha Vivek. I never wanted to rewind the darkest moments of my life. But now I am looking back at my past to proclaim that I am stronger now. Two major incidents that happened in my life had transformed me a lot.

First, at the age of 24, I lost my father unexpectedly. You know, I was an angel darling for my father. I, my younger sister and my younger brother were brought up in a royal way. We got everything we liked. No harsh words were uttered towards us. But after my father’s death due to massive heart attack, we were left alone. My mother was totally out of control. She had not even gone to shops alone. Also my father has had a large debt to many persons. All of a sudden our royal life came to an end. I was the only person earning in my family at that time. My sister was about to complete her Physiotherapy degree in six months and my brother had just entered into first year of Engineering. I was exhausted. I was not aware how I would manage everything. But we all had faith on God. We talked to the persons who had given loans for my father that we will repay everything in installments. I stopped all the servants in home. I sold out machines and other items in my father’s office. And totally closed my father’s business. I and my brother will go in a cycle for our works. We struggled a lot. And it took nearly 5 years to get back to the normal. It was our strong belief of God which guided us in all our struggles. At this moment, I would like to thank my mother, sister and brother for being together as a family in all sad and happy situations.

Second at the age of 35 and after 6 years of marriage, a big tragedy happened in my life. I lost my vision in my left eye due to high myopia. I was suffering from Retinal Detachment. That too happened on the very same day of my brother’s wedding reception. Our whole family was upset due to this. But I was instructed about this critical condition earlier. After finishing the reception, I got admitted to an eye hospital at Madurai. I got my Retinal Operation on next day. I was in the hospital for one week. I was taken care by my mother, hubby and my 5 year old son Mithu. My mother was with me on all hard times. But since she is my mother no words to describe her love towards me. I struggled a lot after surgery only. I had to hang my head always down except during eating. And I had to sleep on my tummies. This was continued for nearly six months. So terrible. So painful. So depressive. I got back my vision only after four months. I have to mention the love shown by my hubby and the care shown by my son. My hubby took care of the family and my son. Also he cared me like a baby. He tolerated my anger, pain, sad, shouting, self pity and much more. Thanks my dear for being with me at all those hard times. This made me to love you more unconditionally. My son Mithu was so cooperative and understandable of my illness. He cared me like my father. Thank you so much Mithu for your matured care and affection towards me even at your young age. Now I am managing with my contact lens and specs. And my only wish from God is that I have to have at least this sight till my death. And I like to die while reading.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all my family members for understanding, supporting, guiding and helping me always. The lesson I learnt is

Pain Ends

7 thoughts on “Guest Post:-Pain Ends

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  2. Vasantha, you have been extremely brave to share you story with everyone. I too have experienced awful pain, physical and emotional, and it can be really hard to share it. Just like you I have a deep faith and trust in God and it really does keep a person going.


  3. Lots of hugs Vasantha. You have been very brave in your life for having faced so much.Yet you did not let bitterness take over you, it is commendable. You are a kind and grateful soul. May God bless you and hope your life be a smoother one.
    Thank you Shilpa for bringing this post.

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