The Rainbow Fish.

During our summer vacation, we got this book titled   ‘The Rainbow Fish’  written by Marcus Pfister from the library.  When my little one first saw this book, she was attracted by the glittering scales on the fish with magnificent illustrations. The story is about the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean. This fish was called as the Rainbow Fish by his friends in the ocean because of his shimmering and shiny scales. It teaches us the important lesson of sharing. In this book the rainbow fish makes all the other fish feel more beautiful by giving some of its own beauty away.

As we had a lot of time during our vacation, we wanted to do a craft based on this book. As you can see the list below, we used the most basic supplies for this craft which are easily available at home.

Supplies Needed:-

  • Blue and Green Construction Paper
  • cardboard
  • white paper
  • pencil
  • sketch pens
  • crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • FruitLoops
  • A  bowl filled with Puffed rice, broken wheat, mixed lentils in different colors.


  • Draw a big fish on a white paper and outline it with a sketch pen.
  • Color the fish with a crayon.

  • Carefully cut the fish and glue it to the blue construction paper using a glue stick.

  • Take a bowl of fruit loops and glue each fruit loop cereal on the fish.
  • At the base, apply a liberal amount of glue and press the puffed rice, different color lentils to blue construction paper.
  • Fill the empty gaps with the broken wheat.
  • Cut few small fishes and glue them on the paper.
  • Cut the green construction paper into thin strips to form aquatic plants and glue them at the base.
  • Glue this artwork on a cardboard.

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