Indoor game for toddlers 😊


Kids get bored sitting at home during winter playing with the same old toys daily. They can’t go out to play due to the low temperatures. To keep them busy and entertain them at home is a big task for moms.We must must try out innovative ideas to keep them entertained.This is the simple game I tried which is made out of items readily available at home . A tried this simple best out of waste project to make my kid busy and entertaining.

Supplied needed :

Cardboard rings


Double sided tape.

Empty bowl



  • I used the cardboard rings which I got from the cookware set Β for this project.
  • Using a double sided tape ,stick the rings vertically on a smooth surface one after the other leaving some spacing between the rings.
  • You can paint and decorate the rings with bright colors.
  • Place an empty bowl on the floor.
  • Ask your kid to put plastic color balls Β ( size lesser than the ring diameter) into the rings
  • They can count numbers while putting them , and also can identify different colors of the ball.

9 thoughts on “Indoor game for toddlers 😊

  1. Very creative and loving mom πŸ™‚ I also see soon-to-be-blogged section in your blog which I have not seen elsewhere. Your blog has a pleasant feel about it–obviously because it’s for joyous kids who play wonderful indoor games. Keep up the good work. It’s nice meeting you. I would like to see more of your posts in time to come. Cheers πŸ™‚ Anand

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