Thankful February

The shortest and sweetest month of the year is over and it is the time for me to be grateful for all the things happened during this month.

  • The month started with friends get together after a long time. Catching up all that’s happening around us followed by food and fun. My birthday celebration continued during this meet when my friend surprised me with a birthday cake and a perfect gift to treasure- A Journal. I am thankful for all the friends for the support and love on us.



GIFT: A Journal for the next five years.


  • For this year’s Valentine’s day for my daughter’s school, I made a unique and memorable Valentine for the kids.  I am glad that  I could integrate both kindergarten and the Valentine concept into the final output which was named as   “KinderHEARTen Valentines“. I am also thankful for my friend  S for suggesting me the name for it.

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KinderHEARTen VALENTINES. Procedure in the bio.

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  • The weather god showered us with lots of snow this month too. As usual, the temperatures were fluctuating on and off, and we are glad to survive all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Now just waiting for some spring and shine.
  • This month, I tried my hands’ in making Indian desserts,  Gajar ka Halwa and Gujjiya. All thanks to my daughter who is now relishing the Indian food. Both of the dishes were liked and approved by my little one which made me super happy.

All set to fry these beauties.


  • My iPhone stopped working one day suddenly, this was all due to me as it is all filled with photos and videos. I am sad that I may or may not be able to retrieve all the data from it especially, my daughters Daily Gratitude videos which she does daily on Instagram. But, I am thankful for the Instagram’s new feature i.e. the Highlights, it saved all the Daily Gratitude Videos in its Archives. Now, I should just find out the way to download them from the Highlights section. If anyone knows how to download videos from the Instagram Highlights, kindly let me know. I will be forever grateful to you as those are my little one’s gratitude videos.
  • In between all these phone issues,  I was happy that I was disconnected from the outside world, but at the same time it was tough for me to organize and communicate with other moms for my  Friday storytimes.  But, I was surprised to see when moms started calling my Landline and posted messages on facebook to know about the storytime schedule. I am also glad that they now take photos from their phone during our story session.
  • This month also marks my 20th story session. Twenty Fridays, Twenty different books, Twenty interesting activities and plenty of memories. I am thankful to all the kids who join the storytime every week and make it a memorable one. Looking forward to read more interesting books in the future.

Let me know your kid’s favorite book I would like to read it to my little friends during our Story sessions.


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