Thankful October 

“Sometimes we just have to stop and appreciate all the good things in life.”


So let me be thankful for all the memorable moments in this month.

  • This month for the first time my daughter saw Ravan Dahan.  She was very excited about Ravan and was asking me many questions about him. She also named the sword which Ravan had in his hand as Bahubali Sword.


  • Just before Diwali my girl kept mehendi on her hands for the very first time. She loved it so much that she already asked me to keep another mehendi once this fades off. I miss all these little things which we do back in India, but here we rarely find them. I am blessed to have friends who still follow these traditions here. I am thankful to my two special friends without which this Mehendi would just be a dream for both of us.


  •  Most of my play date kids birthday’s were in this month, so it was a month filled with birthdays, games and get-togethers. The kids miss our play dates now because of their hectic schedules, but thanks to these mini get-togethers the kids had their share of fun and joy.
  •  My annual Diwali Bommala koluvu went on well as per planned. I was happy that the parcel from India came just on time. It was fun to have friends around especially during the festival times. The Paan laddu which I made for the prasad was a huge hit. This was a long pending dessert which I wanted to try since last year. I am thankful to this blogger friend for the wonderful Paan laddu recipe.


  • Most of the October weather was good, especially during Diwali. We were able to firecrackers outside with friends. I was seeing a mini, India on Diwali at our community with lots of lights, crackers, and fun.



  •  Diwali hangover was still there at my home even after one week. So I made the best use of it by making my girl write her first journal on Diwali. She loved the idea and enjoyed the little writing about Diwali every night. Finally, after a week we completed our journal.


  • I finally started weekly storytime for kids this month. This was pending since a long time and now I got the chance to implement it. I am thankful to my friend for inspiring me to start this for my little friends.

6 thoughts on “Thankful October 

  1. Bahubali sword sounds interesting. I assume your daughter is a Bahubali fan. I have one at home too. It is great that Ravan dahan and bursting of firecrackers were organised in your area. You are a very talented person that you are capable of doing so much – DIYs, organising playdates, cooking delicacies, designing activities to be done after storytelling. I just read the stories to the kids and discuss them afterwards with the kids or ask them to draw based upon the story for the reason that I am not capable of planning art & craft activities.
    And thanks a lot for giving me a mention 🙂

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    • Thank you for the lovely compliments Anamika, I am glad that I can do all these except the cooking thing, i m still not interested in it though. Planning actiivies based on the storytime is becoming tough day by day. Hope I continue to come up with simple crafts n stuff. Thank you once again for inspiring me 😊😊😘


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