Thankful January

  • My first day of the month started with snuggles and kisses from my daughter. When I wished her happy new year, the first response she gave was-

             ‘ Is it January mommy? It means your birthday is in this month ..yay’

          It was the happiest morning for me as she remembers about my birthday and was      equally excited about it.

  • This month we also experienced extreme temperatures. There were days when it was below the freezing point and there were days when it was almost like the spring. In between all these, we had tons and tons of snowfall. I am thankful that we were able to survive all this without any difficulty.
  • Due to this bad weather, and the ongoing winter break we were not able to conduct playdates for kids. As my daughter was bored at home without any play dates, I sent her to her school which had non-attendance days during the holidays. It was the first time I sent her to school during Holidays and I was feeling guilty for not being able to manage her. But at the same time, I was thankful for her school as there were a number of activities planned for them along with the field trips. As she was busy and happy I became happy too.


  • As the new year started, I started a new tradition for my daughter. Doing a little prayer thanking God for what she is grateful for today. I started doing videos of her Daily Gratitude and initially helped her on how to know which one made her happy, but as days passed she started telling her thankful list without my help.There were days when I used to forget about it but this little girl used to remind me to do the thankful video.
  • Almost Everyday from the schools she got me some handmade card for my birthday. She also made sure to tell everyone that my birthday is coming up. Altogether she made me seven little cards from her school. I love these little moments in my daily life, they all make it to the memories.

  • My daughter was down with flu for a week in this month just exactly two days before my birthday. The outside weather changed all of a sudden to spring mode which may be the reason for all the flu n co. Even during her sick days, she didn’t want to miss her daily Gratitude in the night which made me a happy soul.


  • My birthday started off with my girl having the fever, so the first half was dull. By the end of the afternoon, she was almost fine and was ready to celebrate my D day. We also had our traditional Bhogi Pandlu session for kids during Sankranthi and I am glad that I did not miss that. Luckily I could dress her in a pretty Saree given to me by my aunt for this occasion. I am also thankful to my friend for giving me a lovely surprise on my birthday.

  • The library bus was not on schedule during the evening times since new year because of the extreme weather conditions. As I had to pick up few books and return the ones we already read, we got the chance to visit the main library twice with my little one. We both love our library visits and I feel the time spent in the library is always a treasure.
  • This month’s storytime was not on the schedule, I had to skip twice as my daughter was not well. My daughter always looks forward to Friday, as it is story day, so she missed a lot when she was sick. When I messaged the other moms about the story session cancellation, I was surprised to receive the message from one of the moms that her kid was also waiting for Friday. This means a lot to me if the kids are happy I more happy for them. I was also happy when I took some pieces of paper from my daughter’s school bag in which she wrote-

 Store time is on Friday.

Store time is my Favorete.

I love the Storey tim.

  • I am thankful to my friend who often surprises me with adrak wali chai ( ginger tea). I am not a chai lover but I have a lot of fond memories associated with it. Now, these little chai meets are perfect for us to recollect the childhood memories. I am slowly getting addicted to these kadak chais which are making my chilly evenings warmer.

How was your January? Did you start writing the Gratitude journal? If not please start, it’s just February and there is still time to start one.

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