My journal of happiness..

Happy New year to all my followers. This is my first post in 2017 so want to make it special one in my life . As it’s the beginning of a new year  we all come up with new aims and resolutions . This year I started something nice , it’s a Gratitude Journal for myself . It’s a simple diary where I can note down all the happy things which I do daily . It’s been a week since I started and whenever i read it, it gives a  lot of positive feeling .

It is simple to create :-

  • Maintain a diary ( digital or manual) for writing down a certain number of things you are thankful for the day .
  • Write it down everyday before going to bed .
  • If it’s digital journal make sure to add some photos of the day.
  • When ever you are feeling low or stressed just go through all the happy memories you created in your life .

Maintaining the journal motivates us to do much better in life daily .It makes us realize that joy can be found in small things we do everyday .

So if you haven’t started  to maintain this journal,  try for a month & let me know how your life has changed.

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22 thoughts on “My journal of happiness..

  1. This year I’ve been writing down three thankful thoughts at the end of each day. Some days it’s harder than others but I really like the practice of finding joy in the ordinary and being grateful for the little things.

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  2. I started a gratitude journal at the beginning of January – I’m already forgetting to update it and having to go back and remember what was good about the day or so before. I need to get more intentional about it for it to work for a whole year!

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