DIY minion !!

Minions are super cute characters in bright colors. My daughter is a great fan of it, so thought of making one simple minu aka minion from a waste salt carton.

Supplies Needed:-

  • Empty salt carton
  • Yellow ,blue ,black, white color paper
  • Sketches
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Coin
  • Fevistick
  • Scissors


  • Take a salt box make sure it is empty , remove its outer cover n keep it ready.
  • Take a yellow color paper n cut it  based on the salt box size.

My box was 11.5×5.5 inches approx (l*b)

So cut the yellow paper carefully 11.5 inches of length n 5.5 inches of breadth.

  • Based on the diameter of the salt box cut two yellow circles.

  • Take the blue color paper for minion dress and cut it in the following measurement.
  • Length -11.5 inches ; breadth 2.25 inches.

  •  Now fold this into half and again fold it into another half.
  • Draw approx 1 parallel lines in between n join their ends in a curve shape with pencil.
  • Cut this carefully with the help of scissors.
  • Open it carefully.

Once opened we find two gaps 

  • Cut a black strip of 1 cm thickness .

  •  With the help of a coin draw its eyes on white paper n give its detailing. Draw its mouth n do the detailing.

  •  Now take the salt box n paste the body ( yellow) and top n bottom ( yellow circles) of the minion with fevistick
  • Carefully stick the blue cutting at the lower side in such a way that the gaps cover the sides of the body.
  • Paste the eyes and mouth in the middle of the face
  • Paste the black strip joining from one end of the eye to the other end. Cut down the excess paper.

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