After a long wait..

 I was waiting for this since my childhood , it all started with the old famous Bollywood movie    named             ‘ Shahenshah’.  We had this movie cassette and would frequently watch this movie on our VCR ( video cassette recorder ) . There was this song called Jane do Jane do mujhe jaana hain, in which the hero n the heroine song is picturised in a hot air balloon. I was hardly 5 years during that time n was amazed by this so called balloon…  I would always tell my mom that I love such rides…and she would laugh n say crazy…( 5 yrs n hot air rides?). From then i had this fixed in my mind that if I get a chance to be on one such ride I would be grabbing that opportunity without hesitation.

Luckily this year we had a hot air balloon festival going on in a nearby city . As I said i would not be missing any chance like this , we planned to go n have some fun out there. We started from our place after our lunch along with two other families . We reached there in almost 45 min it was arranged on airport.

When we arrived we could just see only one balloon being inflated and a very big queue. I already gave dear hubby clear instructions that he is the one taking care of kid n I would be going on for the ride.  Every one who came with us laughed at me as it was just a tethering ride not a actual one. In tethering ride ,the balloon is tied to the ground using strong ropes and it goes up to certain height n then comes back. So I was all alone from my group for this craziness .   I had to wait for around 1 n 1/2 hr to get my ticket and then there was another big line to enter. After almost like standing for 40 min or so..the weather was rough n they had to halt the activity. I was literally sitting on the ground for another 1/2 n hr till the weather got cleared. Then there was an announcement of these balloons being blowed . It was awesome to see these beautiful n colorful balloons flying high by the pilots one after the other.

Meanwhile our tethering rides also resumed. I got my chance after another 20 min wait.

My hubby was showing my daughter n was telling her that I m in that balloon ride, poor girl she started crying ” mummy come back  it has fire in it “.

My ride was just for 5 min but it was awesome one… I could see the whole crowd from there.. It was mindblowing. Finally I made it after a long wait of around 3 hours.

10 thoughts on “After a long wait..

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  3. Loved this !!! Finally a childhood wish come true must have made you ecstatic beyond measure !!!
    We are planning a hot air balloon ride ourselves in lonavala, not the tethered one though . This seems great too . Where was this ?

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