DIY Minion Photo Booth


This year for my little ones 3rd birthday I planned a minion photo booth.. It was a huge hit among the guests and was the the main attraction of the party.

For this first I made a rough draft of it on PICsART ..after a series of drafts I finalized the below one with minor changes.



  • Foam board (30*20inches)
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Xacto knife
  • Yellow and blue color paper
  • Happy birthday 3 – printouts
  • Two minions – printout
  • Glue


  • Draw a rectangle on the foam board in such a way that it is 3.5 inches away from all the sides
  • Carefully cut the rectangle with the help of xacto knife.
  • Slightly curve the edges of the board with xacto knife
  • Keep this rectangle piece aside for other project(coming soon) . Basic photo frame is formed.



  • Take a yellow color paper and Paste it on the frame on all sides carefully.


  • Take the print outs of 2 minions and stick cardboard at the back of it .
  • Take printouts of ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY 3 ” with Font style ” PT SANS CAPTION ” SIZE ‘300″ and color ” BLUE”.
  • Stick cardboard at the back of each letter .


  • Once all the cuttings are done ,place them on the foam board according to your choice and glue it.
  • Minion PhotoBooth is ready to take pictures.




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