Crazy Generation : AAJ Kal ke Naughty Bacchheee…

The other day I met few moms in the play area and we were discussing about our kids , their tantrums , etc. During those talks, one of the mom of of 6 yr old started telling us about her child’s and her friends naughtiness. As it is summer these kids would be always out playing in each other’s house 24×7, so once they go out it unpredictable at what time they will return back. So this mom ( my friend) had put this condition to her kid that she should study for n hour or so in the morning and then go out to play.
 For this her daughter replied..-

” see mummy all my friends are playing outside , you are only bad and not letting me out”

For this the mom replied –

” they all must have finished their daily homework and so they are playing “

For this the child replied-

” ask my friends mummy whether they did their homework or not “

Mom asked one girl –

” did you finish your homework ?”

The girl replied-

” no aunty I dint do I’ll do in the evening , let her also play with us na. “

Mom replied-

” ok you both do one thing , I’ll keep competition between both of you lets see who completes it first “

For this the child replied-

” no mommy don’t keep competition between us.. We both are best friends we can’t win over each other “

Oh … Her mom was like 😳, and let them play. That evening she met that girls mom and asked her when she usually does her homework…

Her mom replied

” I make sure she does it in the morning before going out for play”

My friend was stunned with these kids team work of helping one other and playing pranks on parents… AAJ KAL KE BACHHEE..πŸ˜‚

After she told this prank to us we moms could not control our laughter..πŸ˜„

My 3 yr old is no less in playing pranks with me.. She as usual is called as the drama queen of the house and knows how to play with us.

 If I scold her for doing anything wrong ..she starts her acting by crying and tries to squeeze her eyes again n again πŸ˜‚ so that tears will come out… That scene of squeezing is so much fun but I try n control my laughter πŸ˜‘ AAJ KAL KE BACHHEE…

When ever she asks me any question I’ll try to give her the answer in about 2 or 3 mini sentences. One day she herself asked me to ask a question.

Me :- what is icecream dear..

Daughter :- you don’t know icecream mummy

                     It’s cold

                     It’s tasty

                     It’s sweet.               

And to cover it up she said ” we should not eat it daily ,we will fall sick ” I was like 😳, n gave her πŸ‘… AAJ KAL KE BACHHEE..

Oh god , these kids are becoming naughty day by day.. Almost every other day they come up with some interesting prank to fool us. If I start writing all those cute pranks it becomes a never ending post. 

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16 thoughts on “Crazy Generation : AAJ Kal ke Naughty Bacchheee…

  1. This was hilarious. I have plenty of these in my household too. The most common of them is about having milk. Subah do to main shaam ko peeta hun na. Shaam ko do to main raat ko peeta hun na aur raat ko do to main ne dinner kha liya hai na ab jagah hi nahin bachi doodh ke liye. πŸ˜€

    I have nominated you for a 3-day quote challenge. Hope you accept it. The details are at

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha… I too don’t like milk, I also did the same nataks as dhruv in my childhood…😜 its kal ka generation though..
      Thanks for the interesting challenge…


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