Hugh photo challenge: week 12:Lingochaa 

I love this game called LINGOCHAA a lot.  I played this game even after my engineering  in front of our house along with my other friends. We were so addicted to this game that we would literally wait for the clock to click 5 o clock so that all can play. It is basically a street game played in a group which involves lot of running and coordination between the team members.


  • It is game involving  two teams , a stack of seven stones and a ball.
  • Basically two equal teams are made among the players ie Team A and Team B.
  • They both stand opposite to each other at a certain equal distance.
  • The stack of 7 stones  are placed at the center  on the ground. 
  • Which team to start the game is decided by tossing the coin.
  • One member of the winning team tries to throw ball onto the stacked stones
  • This team is given three chances, if they are not able to hit the stones in those three attempts , the other team gets the chance to play .


  • If  they hit the stones and they fall actual game begins.
  • Suppose team B has knocked down the stones, they are required to stack up the stones as soon as possible.


  • The team A members get the ball and try to hit the members of the other team below the knee. They should not move from their place  while hitting the ball  . They can also pass on the ball to other team members, but cannot hold the ball in their hand for long time.
  • The team B members have to save themselves from the other team members ball as well as stack up the seven stones
  • If they are successful in arranging the stones successfully they get one point.
  • If any member in team B is hit by the ball then the team A gets one point and they get chance to play again .
  • The main trick in playing this game is to throw the ball on the stack in such a way that only few stones fall on ground,so that it becomes easy to them to stack up the stones.
  • Faking to throw the ball on to the other team members which distracts them.

Ps: Thank you Girlsfor playing this game for live😊life.

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