Weekend mastii😊


Few days back I was browsing my childhood pics & was recollecting my lovely days …they were spent soo beautifully without any technological barriers like Internet ,phone etc.   Those days were pure, filled with love, friends & those silly games which I used to play outside..

That is when I  got the idea of writing posts on INDIAN traditional games like THOKKU BILLA, FIVE STONES, LINGOCHAA etc whichare almost extinct now. Today hardly we can find kids playing these games at homes , they are just glued to the hi tech environment.

I dint have any photos of the games to support my post , and I was just thinking different sources for pics,( not Google though ) soon I got this wonderful idea of making kids here in US play all these games n I can even do my photo session .

I was first hesitant to ask the girls aged around 10 yrs , out who were playing in the lawn as I don’t know how their reaction would be . But to my suprise, when I told them about blog n my plan to write on games they were like jumping out of excitement to play for me.

Had lots n lots of fun making them understand the game rules and make them play the thokkudu Billa, five stones, seven stones .  

 Few of there responses were..

” my grandmother showed me this game once”

” thank you aunty for introducing this game to us”

” it looks so simple but very difficult to stack up stones ”

” we like challenges aunty, thanks for making a complex grid”

” we will be on Google wow😜”  blog is Google for them I guess😃

I had a great time playing with kids and clicking photos. At one point  I forgot that i am a mom not a kid, but Ya its ok , enjoying the moment was more important to me.

Thank you Sonika, Manasa,Pranavi, Snnigdha,Harika,Sharanya,Rishitha ,Sri Vidya ,Amritha for your cooperation and support .😊

Thank you sooo much my dear girls for refreshing my childhood memories.

Stay tuned to Live😊Life as more information on these games would come up in the form of POSTS😊



5 thoughts on “Weekend mastii😊

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  2. We used to play some those games too and it feels so sad them getting replaced by technology and modernity 😦 Thank you for sharing these nostalgic moments 🙂

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