Tips to choose a right Pre School

Sending kids to preschool is very important as they learn a lot from it. Preschooling generally starts at the age of 3 yrs.  This will be the  child first experience away from the home and parents and so choosing the right preschool for your child is very important as this will form the foundation for your child development.  So here are few points to be considered while selecting a preschool for your kid.

  •  List all the schools which are there in your city , take references from colleagues , friends etc and make the list of all the available schools in your city.
  • As most of the preschools are private,  finalize the monthly budget you want to spend on your child. How much minimum and maximum you can afford for your child Preschooling.
  •  Do you want the school location to be near to your house or office ?  As preschool have less timings  parents need to pick up and drop kids to school in between their regular schedules. So depending on the schedules decide the location of the school.. Which one would be better to you.. Near to home or near to office .
  • Most of the preschools have two set of sessions. Either morning session or afternoon  session.   Choose the time which is convenient to you.
  • Find out the length of the day (Duration )  at preschools and choose the one which is suitable for your child.
  • Few preschools require the kid to be Potty trained,  if you are choosing such type of preschool then make sure the kid gets trained well at home months before the actual school starts.
  • Make sure you check the credentials of the preschool, the school you are planning to select must employ teachers who have got their early childhood education degrees.
  •   Visit the school with your kid and check whether the school Environment is kids friendly . Have a look at the class rooms , the play ground , the way  everything is organized. Are the toilets easily accessible. Are they enough toys to play.
  • Check the Teacher student ratio in the preschool.  The fewer students per teacher the better it is.
  • Check about the schools discipline policy. How do they handle rude behaviour at school.
  • Look at their curriculum, what are the teaching methods they follow. What are the daily activities in which kids involve.
  • If they supply food to kids , kindly check with them what their menu is , it’s nutritional value? Check with the food allergies and how do they deal with them.
  •  Check for open door policy, is there any restriction regarding parents visit to the school anytime during the day or they are free to visit kid anytime.
  •  How do they keep track on the child pickup after the end of the day.  Who has the authority to enter and leave the school premises ? What are the safety measures they take to ensure the child reaches the home safe.
  • Get feedback from other parents about the school. Ask them both pros n cons of school. 

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