Play time troubles..😊

Sun has gone
Moon has come
Kids are playing
And still having fun…

My baby swinging in the swing
Enjoying the  season of spring
Come on baby it’s almost dark
It’s 8 o clock and time to leave the park…

No I won’t come
I’ll play here you go home
I love to swing ,I love to slide
Let me play for some more time.. 

Are you not hungry
You need to fill your tummy
Let’s go baby
We’ll have something yummy…

I’ll give you lollipops
Now it’s time up

Ok mommy lets go hop
Don’t forget to give me my lollipop

Bye bye swing bye bye slide
See you tomorrow at the same time
You enjoy the company of stars in the night
It’s my turn to say you GOODNIGHT 😊

Written for poetry 101 rehab: DARK

Tried writing a poem on my baby’s tantrums N nataks while returning home from the play area  in the evening using the prompt DARK.

The italized words  is her version n the normal one is mine..a cute mom baby conversation in the form of poem

She loves playing in the play area and when it’s time to go she does all these..😜

14 thoughts on “Play time troubles..😊

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