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People often think a stay at home mom has lots of time for herself  daily, she is a free bird at home and can do water ever she wants at home. But this is one of the toughest job to handle than a working mom . As there is no fixed 9- 5 time, no fixed schedules, nothing. It’s a job role of being a mom 24×7. Continuously playing this role all alone at home is sometimes suffocating and takes toll on health.Moms often get stressed out  and frustrated after a tiring day of baby sitting, handling the new born, bearing the tantrums of naughty kids , doing the daily household chores .To calm down and to de stress ourselves we must take mini breaks from our daily routine and come out to feel the outside life. Leave the baby with daddy for some time and enjoy your  ” ME ” time for a while by,

  • Take a nice evening walk:-  Enjoy the evening breeze, walk with a friend , talk about positive things in life.,introspect your self.
  • Visit a beauty parlour :- Once in a while pamper your self, go for a facial, body massage, get a make over .enjoy the special treatment at the spa.
  • Indulge in your favorite food:- Have fun cooking your favorite signature dish ,try out new dishes,baking,and enjoying eating.
  • Sleep like a baby:-  Sometimes all we need is some relaxation,peace and rest ,so go to sleep like a baby.
  • Meditate:-  To remain focused in life , follow meditation daily for sometime. 
  • Read a book:- Get your favorite authors latest book and have a good time reading it.
  • Visit a friend:-  You must have lost touch with your friends, renew your friendship by staying in touch with them, visit them now ,Enjoy those friendly gossips, chitchats etc.
  • Movie:- If you are a movie bluff go out for a movie and have some fun time out.
  • Hobbies:-  If you love doing art and crafts , spend sometime making something interesting .
  • Blogging :- If you love writing , try blogging about your thoughts,your experiences, your life etc.

I bet you will be fresh, happy and more relaxed after these short breaks.

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8 thoughts on “Mom “ME” Time

  1. I have been both a working mother and a stay at home mother. Both are the hardest but most rewarding jobs that you can have. Thanks for this post. Now that I am a grandmother, I truly enjoy my me time. However, I actually don’t mind babysitting so mom can get hers.

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  2. This is such a true post! It’s more than a full time job where we get paid in kisses and cuddles! We are lucky that we get to spend every day with them but you’re so right it’s hard work x

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