The Very Hungry Caterpillar

             Last month, I got a chance to read the book titled The Very Hungry Caterpillar by         Eric Carle. I did not have plans to read this storybook that week but thanks to my girl she brought this book from her school library a day before our story session and asked me to read it to her friends. For once, I thought it was for the little kids and by now all her friends must have read it. But later I thought, it’s ok to read it again because it is one of our favorite books and I didn’t get a chance to read it for them.


When I showed them the book I was about to read, as expected all the kids started to shout that they knew the story.


But to my surprise, as I started reading it, the kids were totally involved in the story.


The story is about a caterpillar who is very very hungry and wants to eat a lot of food until its stomach aches really bad. The next day it eats just a leaf and feels much better. Now as he is not hungry anymore, he builds a big cocoon around himself and sleeps for the next two weeks. The surprising part of the book is this caterpillar later transforms itself into a gorgeous and colorful butterfly.

This book is perfect for the little kids as it teaches them the days of the week, numbers along with some fruits. The best part of the book is it indirectly teaches the kids about the lifecycle of a butterfly in a simple language.

Once my reading was done, it was time for some crafts. This week too, I wanted to do some craft with them. To make my work easy, I already did some craft beforehand.


I used the dot pens to make multicolored dots all over an A4 sheet and cut them into strips. I used sketches to draw the caterpillar on a white sheet. I took a piece of yellow crepe paper and randomly folded it to form a round shape.


I asked the kids to color the caterpillar with crayons and glue the colorful strip of paper at the bottom and the yellow crepe paper on the top. They lastly added yellow and orange rays to make it look like a sun.



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