Thankful October/November

One thing which was constant on my blog for the past one year was my monthly gratitude. But this time I couldn’t write it for the month of October as I was held up with some personal work.  I don’t want to stop this habit of writing the gratitude post on the blog. So this post consists of what are the little things I am thankful for in the month of    October and November.

Both the months were filled with festivals and its preparations. For Bathukamma- the festival of flowers, I got a chance to wear a saree. This is the only time I and my little one dress up fully traditionally. I am happy to say that I live in a place where people follow these festivals and traditions. We also got a chance to go on a Dandiya Night, this was the first time in my life I learned the proper steps on how to do dandiya. I am thankful to my friend L for lending me the dandiya sticks and to that friend ( Don’t know the name) who taught us dandiya on the spot. Our Dandiya was followed by Sanedo which I thoroughly enjoyed as I was an expert in it πŸ˜‰ For Diwali, I invited my friends to visit my Golu, everything went on smooth as per the plan without much difficulty. I am thankful for my friends who were there for me whenever needed during the festival time.

Cooking food has become a therapy for me. It is shocking, right? Yes, I know, I am not that person who likes to spend time in the kitchen, but nowadays it is like a stress buster. I enjoy cooking unique recipes. I am thankful for all the food bloggers for the amazing recipes they post online. These two months I tried my hand on different recipes, I have a special inclination towards desserts and I am surprised that I tried out making some interesting desserts during the festival time.

This time we got our first snowfall in the month of October. It was a surprise to us and we couldn’t believe that it was snowing. We had a mini fall season this year as the weather was unpredictable. I am thankful that we could manage to go and see fall foliage at a place near our city. It was a treat to our eyes. I love fall photography, so this time I took my camera out after a very long time and I failed miserably. I couldn’t capture what I had imagined in my mind, but it was a learning lesson to me, Keep Practicing, and yes I started to take out my camera from the very next day to practice. We thought it was just one day snow but we were wrong, we had snow in the month of November too, that too just a day after Diwali. For the first time, we got a holiday for schools here because we had a bad snowfall during Thanksgiving.

Everything is going on fine in her school, she is busy with her routine. I got a chance to do volunteering at her school for a few days. It was a nice way to interact with the staff and kids. I also enrolled her at the chess club in school, let’s see how it goes, as of now there are enjoying. In October, she went to a private field trip which was not organized by her school. We were little skeptical whether she would go on this trip or not as everyone was new to her. But she went ahead out of her comfort zone and was very happy with the trip.

Our Storytimes are going on as per schedule. We have moms coming over once each month to read a book to the kids. The best part of this is they choose their own books to read and I just have to plan the activity session. In the past two months, we read a lot of books related to festivals from Dushherra to Thanksgiving. My DIY Ravan which I made it for Dushherra was a hit among the kids. Maintaining a behavior chart during the storytime is a blessing. Now kids are quieter and the sessions are more smooth. As the kids are more interested in doing the craft during the activity, I am thankful to the moms who sponsor for our activities.

Lastly, I am thankful to all those people who randomly check on me despite their busy schedules. Without them, life would not have been the same. ThankYou.

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