Books we read in the month of October.

After doing a post on how to set up a storytime for kids, I got many queries regarding what books to start with the kids and how to choose the theme for a particular week. So, I thought of doing a monthly post on what books we read and what are the activities we did every week. As my storytime started in the month of October, I am sharing the books we read during that month. I am happy that the books which we read in the month of October were all theme based.


The first story session was a week before Diwali. I got this awesome book on Diwali named ‘Amma, Tell me about Diwali ‘ written by Bhakti Mathur from our library. I wrote a detailed blog post on this on my blog.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the whole session asking me crazy questions like why that Ravan has 10 heads?.  They were so involved in the story even though it was a bit lengthy for the kid’s attention span. The credit goes to the awesome illustrations by Maulshree Somani who has done an incredible job. The kids got a chance to do some crafts based on Diwali after the story time.

1509404083901The next Friday, we read the book It’s Fall by Linda Glaser.This was the perfect book to read at the perfect time. As it is the fall season, kids got connected easily to the book and could correlate it. This book beautifully describes the changes which take place in nature during the fall season. The illustrations which were made by  Susan Swan, who used the  3 D  paper cut art is one of the highlights of the book. We later tried to do a craft related to fall leaves but things did not work out as planned because it was difficult to handle them. I tried to make baskets from empty tissue rolls and the kids had to stick the fall leaves on it.


Lastly, we read two books for our Halloween theme Storytime. The first book was Peppa pig and the Halloween Party.  This book was a  huge hit with the kids because they were all fond of the Peppa Pig character. The combination of Peppa Pig and the Halloween made the storytime more interesting. We read another book called Room on the Broom written by Julia-Donaldson. This story has the most kind-hearted witch who on her way meets new friends and invites them onto her broom. This book highlights the importance of friendship and helping each other during the tough times. I did not have any activities planned for this Story session, but I decorated the wall with the DIY Ghosts and made cute little pumpkins on the oranges as treats to the kids.


Have you read these books to your kids? If not just start reading them, the kids are going to love it.

4 thoughts on “Books we read in the month of October.

    • Oh ! There are many more Amma series books on Indian festivals check it out. I guess the peppa one was an episode one as one of the kid was telling us during storytime but not sure though.


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