Halloween decoration

Are you looking for some simple and last minute decorations for Halloween?  Checkout these interesting DIY ghosts decorations which I made last year for Halloween.
Supplies needed:-

  • Candies
  • Rubber band
  • Black sketch
  • White grocery cover.


  • Take a plastic cover ( I used meijer cover) n flat it on the ground.
  • Cut its handles n front n back parts.
  • On the printed part put few  candies in the middle. 


  • Wrap the candies with that printed cover to form a ball.
  • Place this ball on the other plain cover.
  • Fold the cover to one side ,with the ball on one side n all the other ends towards the other side.


  • Twist the neck tightly  .
  • Tie a rubberband around it .
  • Using black sketch draw it’s eyes ,mouth etc,  
  • Cut the extras at the bottom  to a particular pattern.


  •  You can give these ghost candies to the kids who come to trick or treat.  
  • Replace the candies with shredded paper repeat the same above procedure for decorating your home this Halloween.
  • I Used double tape to stick these to the main door  and in my patio.

Happy Halloweeeeenn…BOOO.



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