DIY cord organizer

All of you have extension cords at home which have many wires tangled in it..making it look messy n untidy. To make it look more organized  let’s make this simple cord organizer with recycled products.

Supplies Required

Shoe box

Color papers


Circle punch machine (optional)



Take a shoe box ,remove its lid , use the bottom part of the box for the project.

Cover the shoe box with the help of color paper n glue.. I used white paper.

On one side , near the bottom area ,make  5 square shape cutting ( can use circle punch machine for circles ) with scissors carefully.

Cover the squares with color circles to make a design so that it looks neat.

Make two flip type cutting on the other two small sides of the box so that the extension cord’s main plug can be taken out.

Decorate the top of the box as you wish.

Set the extension cord in such a way that all  of them are inserted into the main cord n the outlets come out from the square cuttings which we made. Done.


 U can stick tag names of the wires coming out of the squares outside for easy recognition .


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