Thankful July

’Better later than never ’ they said.

So following this rule as I was too busy moving from one country to another that I could not post my gratitude post on time this month. So here is my simple gratitude list for the month of July 2018.

  • This month I had an an an unexpected meeting with my close friends. Nothing was planned, no special occasion just like that all of them were sudden meetups. The good thing about it was even though we met after so many years, it feels like nothing had changed, we kicked off from where we stopped.
  • I am thankful to my parents for taking care of our needs without even questioning me. At the same time, I am also thankful to all those people who handled my mood swings and tantrums patiently. Thank you allπŸ™.
  • As her school started, she got a chance to learn Telugu as a subject. She had her own share of difficulties in this process but by the end of the month, she made her progress.
  • She won two prizes in the first month of her school, these are her first achievements and I am very proud of her. She won the second prize in athletics and first prize in the costume contest. Happiness is when higher grade kids come up and say that Shrestha spoke really well on stage during the costume contest.
  • I am thankful to her school principal for allowing me to volunteer for her school field trip. I had a wonderful time being the kids Shilpa Mam and at the same time being the bindass friend for them. From that day, I had a very strong bond with her classmates.
  • Over a short period of time, my kid made her own set of friends and became independent even though I was like an overprotective Mother. It makes me think that the kids are growing up really fast. Just like that, they are not our little babies anymore, they become more understanding and sensible towards everything around them.
  • As they say, all good things come to an end, her schooling here in India also came to an end last week of the month . I am thankful to everyone in the school who made us feel comfortable. I am thankful to the teachers, the kids, the ayyas who were kind to both of us.
  • Time spent with the needy people is never a waste . I am glad that I had this opportunity to spent my time with the blind people this month.
  • My blog was not regularly updated all these months as I was busy with the personal stuff. But I was glad this month I could take out time to write blog posts. The blog is in such a stage where there is zero interaction between me and the readers. So when a children’s book author visits the blog and comments on my blog post I was the happiest.
  • Next month we are moving back to the US, so it was time to pack up everything in the last minute. As far as shopping was concerned this time I did a minimalistic shopping. During this short period of shopping, I realized that my style of picking up stuff has changed drastically. I’m glad that I am now more conscious about what I am buying.

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