Thankful July 

July was a very busy month for us and I had to take a mini break from blogging. I did not want to skip my monthly gratitude post during my break so here is the post on the things for which I am thankful for the month of July.

* Our first ten days we were super busy with our west coast trip. We covered most of the important and beautiful places by road. I am thankful that our trip went on as per plan without much difficulty.

* I am thankful to my travel friends with whom I was able to get on to some amazing rides while on the trip. I like thrill rides, but I need some company. Without my friends, I guess I wouldn’t dare to ride on those scary rides. Thanks guys for all those awesome memories.

* I was concerned about my plants while I was on vacation. I am thankful for my neighbor who took good care of my little plants. I could see these little tomatoes blooming when I was back from my vacation.

* Our PlayDates were on a break due to the vacations. Even though most of the families were on vacation, we managed to do two or three good activities in the whole month.

* I am thankful to my local library for giving me money plant cuttings. I love these little climbers, but for some reason, it did not grow properly anytime. Hoping this time they grow well.
* This month I had my annual hair cut and I was happy that I could donate 12 inches of my hair to the wigs for kids foundation which makes wigs for kids suffering from cancer for free. Hope my hair reaches safely to its destination. Last year too, I was able to give around 12″ inches. Hope my hair grows fast again so that I can continue to donate every year.


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3 thoughts on “Thankful July 

  1. Shipa,

    WOW, your hair grows 12 inches in a year?! I don’t think mine would do that if I just let it go. My hair is so very fine so it does not look good long. Short hair suits my facial features better, too. I think it’s marvelous that people such as you do this, though. I appreciate you stopping in for a visit. I’m resuming not-so Wordless Wedneday posts tomorrow. Feel free to join me! 😉 Have a good week.


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