First Month Of her First Grade

Last week my daughter completed the first month of her first grade. Her journey was filled with a lot of excitement, emotions, and curiosity at every step. Here are the few highlights of the first month where she got a chance to explore a bright new world.


  • Her first two days went on normally, she was excited as usual but I know this excitement will not last long. So once she got the real scenario of the school she was confused and curious about everything.
  • As there was PTA, I had a chance to meet all her teachers in the first week itself. So knowing about them as well as making them understand about her made things easy for us.
  • She was more confused about the single rule, double rule concept as she was never introduced to all this. So, to write in these ruled books was a bit difficult for her. But by the end of the month, I could see the difference in her handwriting, the size of the letters have reduced and are much neat.
  • She had her first encounter with the Telugu letters. As she was not exposed to the subject before, she was unable to understand it. So, on the first homework day, she had to write four alphabets in the double ruled book. That day she cried like anything, she did not like it at all. Along with her, I cried too, as I was not able to make her comfortable in the subject. For once, she told me “I do not want to grow up, I don’t like first grade.” But slowly we picked up, in our own way, now she enjoys writing them and surprises me with different letters every day.
  • โ—ฆShe was not only introduced to academics but also she was introduced to various sports. She got the chance to try skating and swimming during her sports time. Even though she knew a little about swimming before, skating excited her more.
  • โ—ฆFrom the day one, she was good at eating her lunch. I keep different flavors of rice and she would complete most of her lunch without creating a drama.
  • She has difficulty in making friends, I knew that, but I was very happy when within a few days of her school, her classmates started saying bye Shresta while I went to pick her up. It’s a good sign that she started making friends.
  • In this first month, she had two competitions in her school, the first one was the athletics in which she won the second prize and the best cartoon costume competition. I had a proud moment when I went to pick her up after the costume party, a higher grade kid came up to me and said Shresta spoke really well on the stage during the competition. She also won the first prize in the cartoon costume contest.
  • She also had her first field trip with her friends to visit Shilparamam. The icing on the cake was I volunteered too for the field trip. In this way, I got a chance to mingle with all her classmates and have my share of fun. It was a memorable day for both of us, as we were making friends as well as exploring the place.
  • Many times when I would go to pick her she would say she would like to commute in the school bus.

By the end of the first month, she was almost ok with the school life and once she told me that slowly she is loving the school but at the same time she is missing her US days. Now that everything is becoming our new routine we have a news to share. We are moving back to the US, to her comfort place, the place which still rules her heart. I know apart from the jet lag, everything will be fine and same for her, her friends, the house, the toys etc. So hoping this transition would be as smooth as possible for her and at the same time teaches her the lesson that sometimes life doesn’t go as per the plan, it has its own shares of happiness and difficulties so accept the happiness and learn the lessons from the difficulties.


4 thoughts on “First Month Of her First Grade

  1. So proud of you and Sreshta for facing hard times, these are tough times that teach us a lot and you both have proved that โ€œTough times donโ€™t last but tough people doโ€.

    Thanks for penning down each of these moments, I too had a few tears, but they were of happiness.Kudos to both of you.

    Welcome back Sreshta, so eager to see you and hear all your stories about your trip to India, your school, friends and much more!


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