First and Last day of preschool photoshoot 

Last year I wanted to make something memorable for my daughter’s first day at preschool. So after a lot of thinking and searching on web I liked the idea of taking photograph of the little ones on their important day.

  • When I searched about it, I found that the writing was done on a black board or by using a chalk board paint.
  • I did not have that much time in hand as it was a last minute DIY. So I tried using a black foam board as a prop.
  • I wrote about her school, teachers etc on it using chalk .

  • I personalized it by tracing my daughter’s hand on construction paper and asking her to write few numbers and alphabets.

  • I decorated it with few paper flowers.

  •  I took lot of photos with the prop on the first day of her school outside my home and finally got one good photo to save.
  • I did the same thing on her last day of preschool and added details like her best friend, what she can write n draw.

  • It was too windy on the last day of her preschool and it was tough to take pics of her. 

Collage of her first & last day at preschool

This is one of my  simplest DIY to do which just needs a black foam board, chalk piece, camera and a lollipop to bribe the little one!!

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