The Solar System PlayDate

For many days I Β was searching for a book on the Solar System for my daughter. As I could not find a book appropriate to her age, I thought of making my own pop-up book on the Solar System for her. I brought the DIY materials for this project but did not find time to do it. While I was browsing on the net after a few days, I came across this book on the Solar System for kids. Immediately I searched for the same book in our local library and kept it for hold. After a month or so I received the book.

The title of the book is “Solar System” by Jill McDonald. It is a colorful board book perfect for the toddlers. This book consists of fun facts about the planets with bright illustrations which are appropriate for the little ones. The book also includes Pluto as a planet which described as a tiny dwarf planet, very far away from the sun.

As we were doing summer playdates daily, I wanted to include this Solar System in one of our activities. I was having a doubt whether this would be a hit with the preschoolers or will it be Greek and Latin for them. I asked the moms to teach their kids about the names of the planets beforehand so that it would be easier for them during the playdate.

Me and my daughter made thisΒ DIY Magnetic Solar SystemΒ for our play date.

We read this colorful solar system book to the kids. The kids loved the book. The illustrations which were so bright and colorful attracted them.

Later we asked the kids questions regarding the largest, smallest, hottest planets. We asked them to move the planets in their respective orbits for some fun.

This was finally followed by a Solar System coloring activity. The kids loved doing this activity and we were very happy to see the kids follow the book for color coordination of the planets.

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