My love I am glad you reached safely..

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. This is what I decided today-

“Every year I will make sure I donate my hair for the cancer patients . ” 

Many of my loved ones warned me not to cut my hair as they think it’s an asset for me but I needed a change and I went ahead with this thought I will donate it to the needy . 

Till date there are people who don’t like my haircut n keep taunting me someway or the other because of it  but I don’t care .. I followed my heart , it is my life and I am glad I made some one happy somewhere.. 

Yesterday morning when I was checking my mail I saw this one in my inbox . I was having a really bad day but when I saw this cute mail I was so happy that something which I have done longtime ago is not a waste .
You all can also try this sometime in your life it’s an awesome feeling ..

Hugs to all cancer survivors .. I just tried my best to do something for you😊

24 thoughts on “My love I am glad you reached safely..

  1. I have donated my hair twice in the past and I am about to donate again. I’ve used Lock for Love in the past, but I’m looking into the charity you contributed to (Wigs for Kids). I just want to be sure my hair will be used to help someone, not sold, not trashed. Right now my hair is down to my waist and I’m going super short (for the first time ever!). Every time I’ve mentioned cutting my hair, I’ve had the same reaction of people begging me not to cut it. It’s my hair and it’s a lot to take care of, so off it goes! I love your shorter ‘do! Best wishes!

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  2. Wonderful! One of my sons also donated his hair in homage to a cousin who battled cancer for many years and lost her hair several times due to chemo.

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  3. I did the same and I felt liberated. I had long waist length like you and without knowing I had become a prisoner of my own perception of self. I some how associated long hair with being traditional in the dark recess of my mind. Chopping the long locks freed me from myself.

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