Thank You 2017


Compared to last year, 2017 has been a good year for me.  Started my year with a Gratitude Journal which helped me to stay positive during the tough times.  It also helped me to think about life in a different perspective.  Two important lessons  I learned from this year are letting go of the things which are not in my control. It is something which I took a lot of time to accept, but once I got this in my head, things have become easier to me. Secondly, it is about Living in the present, this simplifies life a lot. Sometimes thinking a lot about the past or about future increases our stress levels. Instead of that, if I concentrate on the present, I can create more happy memories for myself.

As there are just a few hours left for the New year, It is time for me to write down the highlights of my year in this post thanking the year 2017.

  • Starting with photography, After buying my DSLR in 2015, I did not use it for one year. However, in 2017 I decided I will start exploring this gadget and use it to create memories. After watching the tutorials online and simultaneously clicking photos of my daughter and her little friends, now I am comfortable to take photographs in the manual mode. Though they are not perfect and there is still a lot to learn, I am happy with the progress.


  • When I first donated my Hair in 2016 to the cancer patients, I promised myself that I have to donate my hair every year.  I am happy that I could donate my hair this year too.  Hoping that my hair grows faster and I can donate  12 inches of my hair by the end of 2018.


  • This year we got a chance to explore major places in the US. We went on two big vacations one is the west coast trip and the other one was the Disney trip to Florida.  Our west coast trip was one of the best trips to date as it was perfectly planned road trip covering the important places. Disney World in Florida is one place which is loved by everyone. We had an amazing time in this little fairy world, covering all the amusement parks.



  • Playdates are something which I am very proud of this year. We casually started them in 2015 to keep our kids occupied and that has become very structured this year.  We were very happy that we were able to teach the kids on various topics during our playdates. Our little kids got so addicted to playdates that whether it rains or snows they wanted us to conduct playdates with interesting activities. I am lucky to say that I got lovely mom friends who are ready to come up with ideas for the playdates.


  • This year was very crucial for us as we had to decide on my daughter’s school. After a lot of thinking, we were able to take a decision on it.   As it was a different school from the previous year, she took time to get adjusted to the new environment. Now that she got used to the curriculum she loves everything about her school. I saw major changes in her as soon as she turned five this year, the biggest milestone was that she started reading soon after her birthday.


  •  This year I started conducting my weekly storytime for my daughter and her little friends. It was once a part of our playdates but now it became a separate session every Friday.  I am thankful to  Anamika for inspiring me to conduct the storytime for the little ones. I am also thankful for the kids who are always excited about my story session and eagerly wait for the activities to do.




  • Lastly blogging wise, I started writing my gratitude posts for which I thank Vidya for inspiring it.  My DIY crafts have reduced because of the busy schedules. I wrote a lot of posts related to Kids activities and Children’s books. There are days when I took a break from blogging due to my other commitments, but I always had this starting problem which comes over after a mini-break, this is something which I need to take care in 2018.


How did your 2017 go? What did you learn from that year? Would like to hear about it in my comments section.

Linking this post to Vidya’s Gratitude Circle  and Sanch’s FridayReflections


12 thoughts on “Thank You 2017

  1. I have been watching your photographs recently and they look too good. You are doing a good job with your camera. It is so nice reading you had the wonderful year 2017. You enjoyed your trips and pursued activities to your satisfaction. All’s well that ends well. Thank you for giving me a mention time and again. I have to tell you that you are doing much better at conducting storytime sessions than me. I don’t do art and craft activities since I am challenged with respect to these. I only discuss the stories with the kids later on or play silly games using the illustrations.


  2. That was a lovely round up post. When it comes to Mommies, its the kids that our life revolves around. This play date thing is still novel to me as I have a 3 year old but I do think it will come handy in the next few years. Raising a reader is always a joy! Glad that your little girl has taken to reading. Happy to have connected .. stay in touch

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  3. So good to read about your year. Learning to use DSLR in manual mode is a great progress. I need to do that as well. Story telling and gratitude lists both sound wonderful. Wishing your daughter happy school days ahead and you, a happy 2018!

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  4. So nice to read your post, agree with letting go of things out of our control, and living in the present,makes life simple. I am inspired by your hair donation, such a noble thought, never heard before, and big vacations must have made a lot of difference to you and your family, interesting to know about playdates…thank you for sharing, wishing you a happy and harmonious year 2018!

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    • Thank you Angela. Hair donation is something which I m very proud of dear. There are many organizations which are involved with cancer patients now in India as well. Thanks for the visit dear.


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