Planting PlayDate

Last week in one of our play dates Β we introduced the kids to plant kitchen herbs . We were not sure how these kids would take it as it was first time for them.

Our plan was to make them plant spring onions .

Basic supplies needed :-

  • Disposable glasses
  • Some stickers
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Spring onions
  • Water

We wanted to make sure they don’t get bored so we added little craft work to it .

With the help of their Β mothers the kids were able to stick the flowers to the glass.

We followed the procedure from my dear friend Usha ‘s blog . She explained how to grow spring onion at home clearly .

Here is the link for it

How to grow spring onion at home

Kids had lot of fun and are very proud of their cute little plants. Each kid took their respective plant home and are happy to see it grow a little for the last one week.

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