Hugh photo challenge: week 12:  5 Stones  Game😊

5 stones is the INDIAN traditional game played by girls sitting at one place . In Telugu we used to call it KATCHAKKAYALLU .Playing 5 stones was fun for us as we girls had lots of fun playing this game.I still remember I used to collect nice stones and hide it away from other friends so that I can use the best stones for playing. Elders never allowed us to play this game late nights as it would strain our eyes .

How to play this 5 Stones Game: –

I have written the steps on how to play this game as a guest article on the World Of Moms 

Here is the link :-Five Stones Game! Have a look at it.😊


If any of the above steps are not completed or a player touches the other stone while playing, or misses the catch  he/she loses and the other player gets this chance.

The player who completes all the steps first will be declared as the winner.

Here is the sample vedio of the game:-

Did you play this game in your childhood? What steps did you follow?


  • Making INDIAN kids play this game in US was so much fun ,had a nice time with My Girls ,thank you once again.
  • Thank you    Supriya for helping me write these steps, thank you Sandhya and Divya for sharing the vedio with Live😊Life.


11 thoughts on “Hugh photo challenge: week 12:  5 Stones  Game😊

  1. This is very similar to the game of “knuckles” that we played. You could buy small plastic knuckles but I preferred the sheep’s knuckles from the butcher. We left them out for the ants to clean and then played with them. They were bigger and more challenging. 45 years later I still have them.

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  2. I love this game very much….. I do play all the stages deep down.
    I am an expert on it and do play with my neighbour gal who s 10 yrs elder than me.
    Even the same game we do play with tamarind seeds. We had a huge collection of those seeds…. Like enugu, gurram like dat we do play. Enugu means 500 seeds…etc
    Sorry for my long comment….. You make me sink in my childhood day memoriess😊☺️

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