The Thirsty Crow Puppet Show

We are trying to make our daily play dates ย  more interesting by including activities ,story sessions etc. ย In one of our PlayDates we introduced these kids to handmade puppets and simple moral stories via a puppet show๐Ÿ˜Š. We started with The Thirsty Crow story .

For the procedure on how to make a puppet theater for kids click below

DIY Puppet Theater

  • First I drew the story ย elements on the paper and asked my daughter to color it.
  • She was actually bored of her coloring books so when I gave her these outlines of a tree , crow, pot, stones and told her these were for her puppet show she was super excited and had fun coloring .

  • Using hot glue I glued these pics on each Popsicle

  • I glued two tissue rolls at the back of the puppet theater and made holes in it in such a way that the Popsicle sticks would fit into it.

On the D Day there were four kids who were ready to see the puppet show .

To our Suprise they enjoyed every bit of it and were patiently listening to the whole story .๐Ÿ˜Š

12 thoughts on “The Thirsty Crow Puppet Show

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  2. I remember doing this in the third grade. The teacher divided us into groups and we all made up our stories and created our puppets. It is one of my favorite primary school memories–60 years ago! This will be a good memory for your children too.

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