Thankful March


My march was exactly like the Ugadi Pachadi, it had its own share of Sweet, Sour, tangy and bitter episodes of life. Even in the midst of bitter experiences,  I am grateful for the sweet moments which made my March memorable.

  • March month was filled with festivals -Holi, Ugadi and Ram Navami. My daughter got a chance to celebrate Holi for the first time here in the US. We went to a nearby temple to play Holi and she had a lot of fun with her friends. I am thankful to my friend who took me to the temple and made it a memorable one. We also read a book on Holi during storytime which was a hit among the kids. When I was a child, I never used to drink the Ugadi Pachadi. But to my surprise, my daughter drank it without any complaints, not once but thrice.



  • I enrolled my daughter in dance class for the first time. They will be performing a dance during the Ugadi Programme next month.  I am happy to see her learn the dance and have fun during the class. In this dance class, I got a chance to meet other moms who are equally talented like their kids. I m glad that  I got so much information from these amazing moms about kids and the activities.



  • Our storytimes went on as per schedule even though I had a tough time managing my time between the dance practice and my story session. We have started a new segment during the storytime wherein every week one kid gets a chance to read a book of their choice aloud to their friends. I am thankful to my little friend for giving me this wonderful idea. The kids come up with a nice book and just act as if they are the teachers during that time. KUDOS TO YOU GUYS.  Mostly, I don’t get a chance to interact with the parents as they leave their kids and go. The other day, I met a  mom at the library and she was telling me about how much her son loves the storytimes.  I am happy and thankful that kids wait eagerly for these little Friday Sessions.



  • My daughter had to submit a timeline project in her school which includes her milestones from birth till date. I am proud that most of the project she did it by herself. This project gave us a chance to look back at all her childhood photographs from the day she was born.  We had our time to talk about the memories associated with the photos and went back into the flashback. For a moment, I felt now she is grown up, this reminds me of the quote-

                        Time flies, but the memories last forever.

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  •  This month we had our annual spring break for the little one.  We ( our Playdate moms) were glad that we could meet and conduct our playdates as per the plan. They learned some new things and had some quality time during the playdates. I am happy to see a lot of improvement in the kids when compared to the last year.



  • We had an unexpected snowfall during the spring break which lasted a whole day. We made our yearly snowman this time, all thanks to the weather god, as I just thought I missed making one this year. The temperature also dropped below 30F. which was a perfect time to freeze the bubbles. Did you anytime freeze bubbles during the low temperatures? I tried them out this time and after a lot of attempts, it was a wonderful thing to see. I could not take photographs of them but it was worth trying.


What are you grateful for in the month of March? Let me know in the comments section.

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