Thankful March

One more month has finished and the time has come to be appreciative for all the great things that has happened in March.

  • I did my own painting on the canvas for the first time.  Since childhood, I was not into painting, I bought paints, brushes, and canvas long time back, but did not have the confidence to try it out anytime. Finally one day I tried, I thought ‘let me try once, if it is a hit well and good else try again’. I wanted to do something but it ended up into something else.I thank my friends for motivating me to try out canvas painting. Planning to write a quote in the center let me know your thoughts on it. Shall I leave it as it is or add up a motivational quote in the center?

  • This month was extremely significant for my little girl, as we were supposed to decide about her schooling. Though it was the last moment decision, with lot of tensed moments, I am glad we could get admission into our preferred school.
  • This month we were able to take out time and meet our friends over meals, potlucks & get-together. It is so refreshing to meet friends who become your family over a period of time.
  • I am very little into cooking,  I don’t like to spend much time in my kitchen. But this month I was in a mood to try out a few new recipes. Particularly the puranpoli, it was a calamity when I attempted last time. I was so frightened to give it a shot again for Ugadi. I am happy they turned out well.

  • The climate was in winter-spring move with temperature changes. March is actually a flu season, so we three were down with cold for a few days on and off. I thank God that it just ended with cold and nothing more than that.
  • My little one had her yearly spring break this month, I was somewhat stressed over how I will keep her occupied.  Yet, I am the fortunate mother to have such a brilliant mama companions with whom we arranged the children play dates helpfully for the spring break. I am thankful that the play dates went on as planned in spite of our busy schedules and weather constraints.

  • As promised, I was able to do a puppet show for the kids when it was my chance to host a play date at my house. I had a hectic schedule on that day, with lots of other work. But I am glad that I could take out time for the little ones and conduct a show for them.

  • I love the Wordless Wednesday’s posts on my blog. As I like taking photographs constantly, I am cheerful that now I found the opportunity to feature them to others by means of this blogging platform. These days my phone memory is full due to these photos. Guess it’s the ideal time to take out the DSLR which is still safely resting in the closet.

What are you grateful for in March?

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15 thoughts on “Thankful March

  1. I just love the photo of the kids in the puppet show, Shilpa! Love all the photos in fact! What is the dish below the savory to the left of the puran poli? Your painting is beautiful. Just leave it as it is. The space in the center is very calming!

    Thank you for joining me! April’s Gratitude Circle linky will be up today. Hope to see you there! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks vidya, the top one to the left of puran poli is Namak pare & bottom one is chicken nuggets πŸ˜‰. Ya I m leaving the painting as it is dear. See you soon in April Gratitude circle.


  2. Shilpa, I prefer wordless Wednesday posts, too. I love to read what someone is experiencing as they look through the lens or about the moments frozen digitally for all to see. It helps me to connect with the person on the other side. As far as your painting goes, she definitely had a poem or quote to the center. I believe something cheery or inspirational would be nice. When ours were small I rarely was alone being a former homeschool mom which meant I was on call 24/7. lol Spring break for us just meant no lessons and that was a nice treat in itself. Have a good day and thanks for dropping by for a look at the letter β€œD” (dogs)in my A2Z series, Art Sketching through the Alphabet! Happy a2zing, my friend!

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