Nehru Zoological Park- Hyderabad
  I have a lot of memories associated with Nehru Zoological park aka the zoo park at Hyderabad  .  This was our standard picnic spot from school for years ( kindergarten to Fourth grade) . As a child I enjoy visiting this place and I still remember my childhood days when I used to buy n wear those colourful feather hats at zoo which are no where seen now.

  • This zoo is spread over 300 acres of land located near Mir Alam Tank in Hyderabad.
  • The special toy train here adds up to its attraction by providing ride through the zoo. As a child I never used to miss this ride .




  • Nearly there are about 100 varieties of birds, reptiles,animals like the INDIAN rhino ,Bengal tiger etc.



  • The Nocturnal house has artificially created a reverse Day and Night for the animals so that they are active during the visiting hours  . It has wide variety of owls, bats , hedge dog etc.


  •  The safari at the zoo is a must . There are various safari trips which run through the day like the lion safari, tiger safari etc.

Info source : Wikipedia 


All the photographs are Nitin Pasula’s personal collection.  Not to be copied in any form without his permission.

A little about the photographer :

  Nitin Pasula is not only my favorite cousin but also a budding photographer. Photography is his hobby and loves capturing anything which is worth a click. His never say no attitude and dedication towards his hobby makes his photography more interesting.

For regular updates of the photos, u can like his page in Facebook at  Nitin Pasula Photography 

14 thoughts on “Nehru Zoological Park- Hyderabad 

  1. This is an amazing zoo! 😀 have been here millions of times, to sit under a banyan tree diagonally across the elephants at 9 in the morning and having bread , jam and cake for breakfast makes for a picture perfect memory 🙂

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