Miss you Numaish..


Numaish Masnuaat-e-Mulki or Numaish also known as Exhibition is an annual consumer exhibition held in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.. It was started in 1938 by a group of graduates of Osmania University to showcase local products.

As the new year approaches I always look forward for this fair which opens on January 1st every year.It become a habit for us to wait for this fair which has remained the only event of its kind in the world to be organised at a stretch for a 46-day period at its 23-acre permanent venue in Nampally.
since childhood I have being going to this fair every year and it watched me and I watched her grow for all these years..

I still remember my childhood days when I along with my family would come on scooter to visit this exhibition.. It was during those early 90’s when mobile phones dint came into existence..my father used to make sure he kept the address of the house written on a paper n kept it in our pocket ..in case we went missing in that rush. The parking was difficult as we should park the vehicles n walk for the main entrance.there were three main entrances for this exhibition .The fair for filled with lights sounds n shops everywhere… The crowd will be too much during the holidays n Sunday’s..and most of the hyderabadi’s visit it more than once a year.

My little brother when he was in kindergarten he used to get angry when we dint buy his choice of toys for him n would cry there.. It was sooo much fun to see him doing all the drama . I had this unforgettable experience of the GAINT WHEEL ride in which me along with my lil bro n parent went to try the ride.. As soon as the ride started my lil bro started crying non stopingly n we had to shout from the wheel

By that time already two or three rounds where over.. Poor GAINTWHEEL guy he stopped the wheel in between n brought us down..
Every one where looking at us like something seriously went wrong… OMG..IT WAS VERY EMBARRASSING.

There was this special toy train which is special on its own ..it dint have any tracks to run it.. We had to wait for long period of time to get a chance on the train. And as a child I would be filled with satisfaction after that ride gets completed.. There were many shops which include stalls from different states of India to adjoining country like Pakistan.

When I was small I used to love those toys shops..later as I grew up into my teens I was more into buying bags, accessories, chap pals ,t shirts etc..if we don’t know bargaining then we would become a fool of our selves..
I remember those hammocks which would be on sale n since childhood till my last visit with my parents I would request my dad to buy one for me..as he promised me once in my schooling.. I keep on nagging him ..my hammock..my Jhullas.. N would tease him that he dint buy me one till date..hehe
Here you can find so many food stalls ranging from pop corns to the chats..tikkas ..and not to forget the famous hyderabadi’s Haleem served by the pista house.. It’s always filled with people.
I used to visit fair once with my family, once with friends ,once with relatives..my minimum number of visits would be at least 3 every year..

But for the first time in my life I m not able attend Numaish as I m in USA n miss all those fun Miss those rides those lights.. Food and not not to forget shooping filled with bargaining.



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