Rangoli – The traditional art form !!


Rangoli making is very popular among South Indian people


It is tradition of creating patterns n design on the floor in front of the house


It is also called as Kolam or Muggu.

Every women of the house gets up early in the morning cleans the courtyard and decorates them with Muggu using Muggu powder orRice flour. It is considered to be very auspiscious and has lots of importance.


During festival times like Sankranthi the Rangoli is filled with colors .

These drawings are decorated with flowers, and small, hand-pressed piles of cow dung, called “gobbemmas” are placed at the center.turmeric (halDi) and kunkum (red) dots are kept on it. They are sprinkled with pulses and few strands of grass are inserted on the gobbemmas .


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