#Only 36

In this digital world, we keep clicking ‘n’ number of photos from our cameras, iPhones and iPads but most of them end up into a soft copy on our desktop. Though they are thousands of photos saved in our laptop but hardly we get time to open and see them.There were those days when we used the 35mm cameras and would get the prints from the studio. This post is all about the those old traditional cameras and the memories associated with it.

  • Photo Albums :-   Once the photos get developed they would be stored in those traditional photo albums . Those old thick paper albums on which the photos used to be glued were so heavy. A shelf was allocated to store all these albums safely. I remember whenever I get bored I used to take out the albums from the shelf and start looking at the photos my mom used to come and scold me first ,later she would also join me to have a look at them.


  • No Retakes:- As we couldn’t see the photos instantly ,there were no retakes during those photo sessions. They were more natural and memorable. Once it is clicked it is done.  Either you closed your eyes or opened your mouth , your moment gets captured .No editing  no cross checks  , only natural shots.

Source:- genealogy.about.com

  • Tech savy :-  As photos were stored in photo albums manually.  There was no need to struggle to open computer to see the online photos. Anybody could have access to them either the older generation or the younger one . Either it’s late night or early mornings any time the albums were accessible to everyone at home.

  • No Selfie times :- Those days were no selfie days , none of us knew the photographic term SELFIE. All we would take were group photos, single photos and no selfie photos. 
  • Studio :- Any special occasions, big festivals or birthdays ,would get ready in the best clothes available and visit the photo studio for a perfect click. Family photos in those different background are a treasure now.


Roll :- Sometimes  would  get doubt whether the roll was inserted properly in the camera or not .Many  a times if not inserted properly photos would not get developed. Roll once loaded ,we had to wait for the 36 photos to be clicked to get it developed. Now we think it’s just 36 ,but those days taking 36 pictures would also take months together. Once 36 get clicked that automatic rewind sound would be played inside the camera..kurrrrrr,,,,


  • Finally developed :- The day when the photos would be developed and brought home from studio  would be filled with excitement and happiness. Wanting to see how the photos have come and the reaction after seeing them is awesome. We would make sure to hold the warm photo prints carefully and it doesn’t get our fingerprint on it . Arranging these photos into the photo album was a fun activity.

Source:- happyireland.com

  • Negatives:– Those dark plastic strips with shades of pictures were stored safely at one place ,making a pile of negatives everytime we developed a roll. We would search for the photos and its corresponding number to print a particular photo

Do you still develop your photos and save them in traditional albums or use online albums to save it..? 

Ps:- The  author has nothing against the digital camera and online photos , it’s just her nostalgic moments associated with the traditional cameras are highlighted in the post.

Thank you Sandhya, Nikitha,Akshay for sharing photos with Live😊Life.


8 thoughts on “ #Only 36

  1. I talk all the time about printing out my photos and making albums. It’s silly; I take so many photos and rarely ever look at them. Though I do take out my paper photos from childhood and look at those.

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