Dr. Seuss Birthday 

My daughter and I love our visits to the library , we end up going there every month. The other day there was an event -Dr. Seuss birthday at the library. Last year too we attended this event and had a lot of fun doing the cat in the hat crafts. As it was Dr. Seuss birthday week going on in the school, my little one was excited about this event too.

It started with a story session by Clothespin Puppets team. The session was amazing  as it involved puppets based on the popular children story books.

Few of the book based stories which they presented for us were,

– Green eggs & Ham

– No David

– Interrupting chicken etc


The little ones thoroughly enjoyed the puppetry till the end of the session.

After the story session, they arranged few crafts for the children. .

  • The first craft was based on the Dr. Seuss classic book – One fish, two fish red fish blue fish.  This craft was made using a paper plate. It was a simple craft which can be made by kids of all ages. The best part of this craft was it had a paper inserted to form a slider with fishes printed on it.

  • They arranged this fishing game  (using magnets) for kids. They gave small goodies to kids who could catch fish with the fishing rod.

  • The other craft was based on the popular book Green Eggs and Ham. The kids were given a paper plate, printouts of eggs& ham and printouts of cutlery. The kids have to color the printouts, cut them and glue them to the plate.


We had  a great time spending our afternoon at the event. When I asked my little one “what did you enjoy the most at the event ? ” , she replied “I loved the puppet show mummy,  I want to watch it again”.😁


Feature image source: Bloomington Public Library Facebook Page.

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