Questions from an almost Six year old.


FB2DB6CF-B237-4E88-B672-5A9DA17E4233As you all know that it has been almost two months that we moved to India. . For me, this move did not impact me much as it is the country in which I lived most of my life.But the one who is mostly affected is my daughter. It is because she has not seen India before, she was just around 18 months when we moved to the US. We still do not know whether this  is a permanent or a temporary move as there is so much going on. So, in this transition phase, everything is new to her, right from the culture to the way of living, all is just completely new.

One thing I wanted to make sure to keep constant in between all these  is her education , this should not be interrupted. So, enrolling her in a school was a big decision which comes up with a great responsibility. I am glad that she is trying her best to get adjusted to the new curriculum, new friends and the new environment.

As she is trying to explore the world on her own, she is so curious and confused at the same time about everything around her. With this curiosity, she comes up with a lot of questions regarding life and  tries to connect the dots between her little life in the US and the life in India. I am amazed by how this little mind works and how good she is at observing the world around her.

Few of her questions are:-

  •  Mamma, why don’t we have fruit n vegetables sellers on road in Bloomington like India?
  • Why there is so much trash everywhere here.?
  •  Why there are so many ayyammas in our school and why are they not there in the US?
  • Why there is so much traffic here and why people use the horn a lot.
  • Why do people speak so many languages as it is so confusing?
  • I know how to speak Telugu why should I learn to write?

  • Why do we see so many cats and dogs roaming everywhere without their owners.
  • Why sun first comes to India and then to Bloomington.

From the bottom of my heart I have immense respect towards both the countries, they are unique in their own way and I have learnt a lot from each of them. Few of her questions are so crystal clear that I can see the difference, wish this could have been done better or this could have been implemented there..Whatever it is, I cannot change few things, but one thing I can do is to  bridge the gap for her and make her understand that this is life.




5 thoughts on “Questions from an almost Six year old.

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  2. I’m glad you’re so aware of her needs, and that she is trying her best. Please give her a hug from me in Canada. And it sounds to me that you could make a children’s picture book based on this post.


    • Thankyou so much Cynthia, thanks for the hugs and love. Thanks for giving me the wonderful idea of converting it into a picture book. One day it will be out for sure as I have this dream of becoming an author in future.

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