What did Being Thankful teach me and my daughter?

As you all know it has been almost a year and a half I started writing my monthly Gratitude post, which is something very close to my heart.ย  These Gratitude posts are the only posts as of now which are constant on my blog. I tried teaching my daughter the same thing, being thankful on a daily basis. Touch wood she was a quick learner and understood the core of it. Today, I would like to share with you what we both have achieved by making this a priority in our life.

  • Initially, I was a person who was more negative towards life, the way the things are going around or with the people surrounded by me. This was because I was not even able to see the positive in the negative. It is like you are in a shell where everything is black and white.ย  Slowly I myself came out that negative shell. Thrashing the negativity in the bin and started looking at the positive side of everything.


  • This change did not come all of a sudden, it came with a great effort. I started to focus on the little joys every day. These little joys were very easy to find. Just that one should appreciate the things around yourself.ย  For instance, I started to appreciate things, I enjoyed my work, doing things independently, ย I loved the way the family is growing, the way my little one is learning new things. These are few of the simple events in which I found happiness. You see money canโ€™t buy everything. It is all in our hands to be happy in whatever we do.
  • The simple rule I followed is to let go of things which are beyond your control.ย  One can not control all the things which are happening in the world around you. Everything is rigid, everybody is different, everyone has their own version so it is difficult to keep everything in sync sometimes. Unless and until it is going beyond the certain limit which is having a negative impact on the family, I take it in my hands. So instead of being grumpy always, or making a scene for everything and get irritated for little things, this let go attitude helped me to be calm and happy.
  • One of my friend once told me about the happy chemical, so I say surround yourself with these happy chemicals, it is very easy to practice, just that one should have the zeal to make it happen. There is nothing around you which is perfect, so let go and enjoy the little joys in the imperfect life.
  • If you see my gratitude posts, you will not find anything extraordinary in it, it is just that I will make all those extras in my ordinary imperfect life. I call them โ€™as small packets of happiness.โ€™
  • I have been asking my little one about her thankful journey since few days and she came up with the following answer -โ€If you are thankful for something for every day you get a toy surprise from God. I like doing my thankful because it makes me and mummy happy .โ€ such a simple answer from an almost-six-year-old. Every day while she is about to do her thankful insta-story, she just rewinds her day and comes up with the simple and happy ones. See it is so simple, small joys of life.

Now I have a task for you guys. Look back at your day and just think did you have any moment which made you smile and made your day? Or are you trying to be grumpy with every silly thing around you.? If that is so, just calm relax and start enjoying the little things in life. See life only comes once, don’t waste your time being a grumposaurous.

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