Thankful May

It is common to move from one place to another but what makes more sense is to make memories along the path.    I just landed in India two days back and I am utilizing  my jet-lagged period to write this months gratitude post  highlighting some of the memories I had in the month of May.

  • This month started with no homework for my kid as it is almost the end of the academic year. No homework means more fun to my girl. It means I get a chance to become a teacher at home giving her customized homework.  I am thankful for  the huge resources online on the kindergarten worksheets which saved a lot of my time and made my work easy.


  • We started playing family board games everyday thanks to my girl who is crazy about these. Once we sit for the game we as parents too get hooked to it. It is a nice way to bond as a family and spend time together. I love my little girl’s innocence during the game, no worries no word of caution she just goes with the flow and wins the game  😉.


  • As she started going to tennis last month, I did not get a chance to attend her classes anytime. This month I made sure to attend few of her tennis sessions and I am so happy to see my girl mastering the sport. I am also  grateful to the coach and the husband to help her learn the technicalities  of the game. I am glad that  I could also meet a friend of mine during these sessions.We started off just like that and our conversations never used to end.
  • This month I had an awesome photoshoot with my girl. What was actually planned as a family photo shoot became a mothers day photoshoot. I am thankful to my photographer friend RV family for capturing some beautiful moments for us.  The best thing about this the shoot was they also got their photos done in return. So, I got a chance to use my photography skills for their shoot.  The plus point of going on a shoot with a photographer is I can learn some tricks too. Yes, I learned some of them.


  •  This year I had the most memorable mothers day. It started a week before with some greeting card from the little one, breakfast at school and the icing on the cake was breakfast in bed on mothers day. Though it was my little girl idea, I am thankful to my hubby to make this happen. It was a lovely family breakfast on bed 😍. Thanks, kutti.


  • This month was more like a food festival with friends and family. Lot of mini get-togethers, potlucks made my tummy happy and full. I am thankful to my friends who are more than a family to me and arranged these ’ just like that ’ get-togethers for no reason to make memories. Though there was no significance change in my weight, I am thankful that I gained a lot of information about the kids during these meets.


  • My girl had her kindergarten graduation this month. Oh my gosh, these kids grow up so fast. I still remember her crying during her first days of school.  I was having my happy cry moment seeing them all on the stage .


  • I am glad that this year too I could do the first and last day of school photo shoot for my kindergartner. I am thankful that we did not move places in between and could get both the photos at the same spot. Yay! One more added to the memories book.


  • I am happy that my kid got admission into the school of our choice for the next academic year. She is more excited to go to the first grade that too in the school bus. 
  • I am thankful to my friend S for introducing me to the world of volunteering work at the temple.  It was a wonderful chance for me to spend some quality time at the temple doing seva to the God.  9163C7FC-68A5-455E-A425-88F93F8F3C96
  • This month marks the end of the storytime for the season. As I was going to India in the last week, we concluded the storytime session with a cake cutting.  I am glad that I could read more than 30 books to keep the kids busy and entertained. I am proud to say that I could celebrate important festivals and events with my little kids. We all together made memories, the Happy ones.


  • As I was leaving for India, I am thankful to all my friends for helping me out. Thanks guys for taking care of those little things which are most precious to me during my absence and sending me off on a cheerful note.
  • I am thankful to God that our travel from the US to India was smooth. No delays, not much tantrums on board by the little one.  It is a nice feeling to be in your hometown and meet our family after a long time. Even though there are so many changes in the city the people are the same.

What are you grateful for in this month .

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