Thankful April


One more calendar month has checked off from the year 2018. It reminds me that the time is running fast and before it goes away from me, just make some memories. The Happy Memories. So, here are the little treasures of my life which made me smile in the month of April.


  • The month started with my daughter’s first dance performance on stage. Even though she was down with fever, she did a great job. More than me she was excited about the dance on the D Day. That moment when she was performing, unknowingly tears started rolling down my cheeks making me feel proud of her. Check out this youtube video to see her dance.


  • During one of her dance sessions, we moms for once became kids again and danced to the tunes of our kid’s songs. It was a fun day and had a great time dancing with the other moms. In fact that day we thought that we were doing much better than the kids(Just kidding). I am glad that we have a video of our dance recorded too, it is for a lifetime memory.



our dance



  • Inbetween all these dance sessions, we had some get-togethers to go to, the days were filled with birthdays, food and games. Oh! how can I forget playing cards with friends for hours together one day? It was so fun to play the games which reminded me of my childhood.


    Paan Ladoos are always a hit


  •  We also had snowfall again in this month. There was no sign of spring until the mid of April. But, later the temperatures raised and we could see signs of spring here and there. We are glad that we could go out( with Jackets though)  for walks and to the play area after months of winter. It is nice to meet friends after such a long gap. Everything was the same just that all grew a bit old.


  •  My storytimes were on schedule as usual and  I got many requests from other parents that their kids also want to join the story session. Unfortunately, I am not able to take more kids as of now because of the disturbance this is creating for the people living downstairs. I am still trying to find an alternative for this, let’s see how it goes.



Story reader of the day


  •  One day casually, my daughter told me that when she grows up she wants to write her Daily Thankful in a Journal like me. I was the happiest mom that day,  as of now she is doing her daily gratitude videos and I am eagerly waiting for the day when she gets her own journal. This topic also reminds me how our kids follow our footsteps. These little kids are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate. IMG_3901


  • I am glad that we could do our annual  Easter egg hunt playdate this month. Though it was late at the end of the month, at last, we did it. I am grateful to the mothers who took out time for their kids even during the weekend for this little event.



  • As spring has begun, I got some flower plants for my patio garden. Gardening is my kind of therapy,  Just remember- Don’t wait for someone to get you some flowers, plant your own garden and find your own happiness.


  • Guess what I came across last week? I just found long-lost photographs of my daughter’s childhood. Those photos and videos which I thought were forever gone are safe.  As I am crazy about photos and the memories associated with it, you can imagine how happy I am now. Thanks to the hubby who saved all of them on his laptop.


Her FootPrint


  • Recently, I came across a radio station which plays only the 90’s songs.  I am thankful to the person who made it. This is my new companion when I don’t have anybody to talk to.  Oh, those melodies are a treat to the ears. So many memories are associated with them, The Happy Memories.


How did your April go? Did you make a list of your Happy Memories?

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