Thankful November


It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

So let me be thankful for all the memorable moments in the month of November.

  • This month my daughter has gone on her first sleepover to her friend’s place. Actually, it was not a planned sleepover, so it came as a surprise to us when she seriously wanted to go to the sleepover. I am glad that she had a nice time during her stay and thankful to the host for taking care of her and making it memorable.
  • I am thankful to my friends who are more like a family to me. I am glad that they take out time for me even in their busy schedules. This happiness doubles when they come up with cute surprises based on my taste. Thank you once again!!.
  • This month I  saw this post about the kid suffering from cancer on the web. I was touched by his request to celebrate early Christmas as he was in his last stage of cancer. He wanted to get handmade Christmas greeting cards from all over the world for his early Christmas celebration. I am happy that I could make one for him and sent it to him just in time. I was happy to hear that he received a lot of cards from every corner of the world.  Sadly, he passed a few days after his Christmas party.    ” I don’t know you, Jacob personally, but I thank you as you reminded us of the kindness and compassion that we all have inside us. I am sure now you are resting in a better place buddy”.



  • As we had a mini thanksgiving break for the kids we could do a playdate for them after a long time. This time we introduced the kids to Volcano. It was a fun experiment with the supplies which were readily available at home. I am thankful for the kids and the moms who are always ready for an interesting playdate.




  • This mini break gave me some time to spend time with my daughter. It has been a while we had some quality time together as she is busy with her school and extracurricular activities. We had a lot of mom n me moments together and had fun playing games like Bingo which reminded me of my childhood.



  • My Storytime every Friday’s are going on as per schedule. I am thankful for the huge resource available on the web which makes my life n story sessions much easier. Gone are the days when I had to think of an activity based on the children’s book, Now if I don’t find the time I just search on the web and I get so many activities perfect for my little friends.


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It was cold, the temperatures have dropped, but still they wanted to have storytime on the stairs and not in the house. We read this interesting book named Caps for Sale written by Esphyr Slobodkina. It is a story about a Peddler, his caps and some naughty monkeys.The kids had a lot of fun listening to the story and were uttering Caps for Sale , Caps for Sale , fifty cents a cap. Later, it was followed by activity related to the book. Inspired from the Pinterest, I glued these colorful caps on the paper for them to do some counting activity. . . . . . #childrensbooks,#capsforsale,#esphyrslobodkina #storytime #bookstoread #preschooler #kindergarten #storysession #WARM_NOV2017 #wearerealmoms #100words #NovemberPhotoChallenge

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