DIY Diwali Greeting Cards

It may be for decorations or greeting cards,  I love handmade DIYs more than the store bought ones, as I can customize it as per my choice. This time for Diwali I made these simple cards for the guests who would be coming to visit our  Diwali Bommala Koluvu. These are so easy that even the kids can make them.

Supplies Needed:-

  • White chart paper
  • Glittery foam sheets
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glittery pen
  • Glue


  • Cut the chart paper into size Length 6 Inches Breadth 4 Inches.
  • Fold the card into half in such a way that the lower half is longer than the upper half.

  •  Take colorful foam sheet and cut a small semi-circle in the shape of a diya.
  • Repeat the above step with a different color foam sheet.
  • Glue the diyas on the chart paper as shown in the picture below.

  • Take a yellow color paper and cut the shape of the flame
  • Glue the flame on top of the diya as shown in the picture.

  • Use a glitter pen to draw two lines from the top of the card to the diyas.
  • Personalize the card with Diwali wishes.

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