Wordless Wednesday -23

This week photo is:-

Put on your creative caps and leave a catchy caption for this weekโ€™s photo in the comments section.

Last week photo was:-

The captions were:-

  • โ€œI hope you like my tan itโ€™s taken me 8 years to look this goodโ€ By. Bethere2day
  • To shine and sparkle like me work hard as I do! โ€“ Smita from Mocktail Mommies
  • Donโ€™t just carry the mask of being happyโ€ฆโ€ฆ.feel it and live itโ€ฆthere is always a Brighter side!!! โ€“ Karishma From Mocktail Mommies
  • Mighty Sun worried about its futureโ€ฆWill it sell or not?!?! By Thoughts Thru lens
  •  โ€Whatโ€™s the meaning of this? When I went to bed (assuming the sun can go to bed) my face didnโ€™t look like this! Who did this? Mercury? Venus? Earth? Nah, itโ€™s not earth. Thereโ€™s no intelligent life on that planet.โ€ By Curious as a Cathy
  • โ€œHey there, heard your doc prescribed me!โ˜บ๏ธ so Iโ€™m here right next to you!!โ€ By Sukrisblog

19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday -23

  1. Variety, choice and design… are these the attributes only of cards? I feel these are the attributes of life and it experiences too! With this, I wish to caption the photo as…
    Choosing the choicest of the blessings!
    Thanks for the lovely photos, week after week!
    -Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

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