Wordless Wednesday -23

This week photo is:-

Put on your creative caps and leave a catchy caption for this week’s photo in the comments section.

Last week photo was:-

The captions were:-

  • “I hope you like my tan it’s taken me 8 years to look this good” By. Bethere2day
  • Don’t just carry the mask of being happy…….feel it and live it…there is always a Brighter side!!! – Karishma From Mocktail Mommies
  •  ”What’s the meaning of this? When I went to bed (assuming the sun can go to bed) my face didn’t look like this! Who did this? Mercury? Venus? Earth? Nah, it’s not earth. There’s no intelligent life on that planet.” By Curious as a Cathy
  • “Hey there, heard your doc prescribed me!☺️ so I’m here right next to you!!” By Sukrisblog

19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday -23

  1. Variety, choice and design… are these the attributes only of cards? I feel these are the attributes of life and it experiences too! With this, I wish to caption the photo as…
    Choosing the choicest of the blessings!
    Thanks for the lovely photos, week after week!
    -Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

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